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Although we are financial experts we understand our real job is to help you become more successful

What we do

We help businesses and individuals manage their financial and compliance matters, as well as trying to help them make or save money. Accountants like talking about what they do (don't we all?), but every client story starts with their specific problem or requirement that needs addressing. That's why the most important thing that we do is listen...

We provide the full array of specialist accountancy, taxation, payroll, advisory and financial planning services that you would expect in a firm of our size - from complex group audits to sole trader accounts preparation. We embrace the digital world through our cloud accounting capabilities, but equally recognise the importance of face-to-face and empathetic advice. Robots may take over the world one day, but when a client is worried about a tax bill or a business problem a friendly, familiar and knowledgeable face makes all the difference. That's why, if you've made it this far, we would encourage you to get in touch.

Business services

Statutory accounting and audit

Yes, we know it's not exciting and that it's only telling you what happened last year, but accounts need to be filed and audits need to be completed. Our job is to do it in a way that minimises your costs, reduces the hassle and hopefully adds some value. We audit many businesses, large and small, and produce over 4,000 sets of statutory accounts a year.

For more information please contact Colin Young at

Corporation tax compliance

Every company has a responsibility to pay a fair share of tax. Otherwise society doesn't work. Our job is to help you be confident that each year you don't pay more than your fair share, and that you are up to date with all aspects of tax compliance. That way you can sleep well at night.

For more information please contact Sue Smith at

Specialist tax planning services

There are times when specialist help is needed to navigate more complicated tax issues or opportunities. From complex property restructuring, to planning for a business sale, to claiming R&D tax credits, we have deep specialist expertise to cover all aspects of tax advice. We have one of the largest and most capable specialist tax advisory teams in the South East.

For more information please contact Sue Smith at

Management accounting and bookkeeping

Some businesses like to have their own accountants and bookkeepers, some outsource their bookkeeping to people like us. There is no 'right' answer to what is best, simply what works best for you. We produce monthly management accounts for hundreds of businesses and still do basic bookkeeping for many.

For more information please contact Tom Bowen at

Cloud computing services and software

There are loads of smart software tools out there which can help you with all aspects of accounting, finance and administration. We help you choose which tools are best, source the software at advantageous rates and then help get you up and running with all your data migrated. We work extensively with Xero and Quickbooks as well as many other apps.

For more information please contact Tom Bowen at


We have a dedicated payroll team looking after hundreds of businesses in Sussex. We manage all aspects of payroll, including auto enrolment and all year-end reporting.

For more information please contact Emily Cope at

Personal services

Tax self-assessment and annual tax compliance

Yes, it can be a bit painful, but it needs to be done. We will help you navigate the process each year and ensure that you are benefiting fully from all the reliefs and allowances that are available.

For more information please contact Lorna Sizer at

Specialist tax planning services

We have a team of specialist advisors helping individuals implement bespoke plans to minimise their income, capital and inheritance tax liabilities in an ethical and responsible manner. We have particular expertise around business and property transactions.

For more information please contact Sue Smith at

Trust services

Galloways has a long history working with trusts and estates. We have a dedicated team of trust advisors supporting trustees on taxation, accounting and administrative matters.

For more information please contact Matt Needham at

Financial planning and wealth management advice

Galloways Wealth Management is an FCA regulated investment advisor that can advise individuals, corporates and charities on all aspects of financial planning, savings, investments and pensions. Planning for your financial future is a critical task and we do it in a way that allows you to properly understand the decisions you are taking.

For more information please contact Keith Bonner at

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