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We are Galloways. We are a group of great people helping even greater clients manage their financial affairs.

Who we are

About us

Galloways is a full-service accounting firm based in Sussex. Operating from multiple offices across the county we look after small, medium and large businesses, charities and individuals. We have over 100 people with specialist expertise across all areas of accountancy, taxation, and financial planning.

We run our firm like a business, just like our clients do. Yes, we are accountants, but we want to be successful, have great careers, enjoy our work and make money, and we make that happen by working with like-minded people.

Our history

Our firm has been in existence for a very long time (1870 we think). The only relevance our longevity has is that it has enabled us to build a fabulous client base in Sussex. We are pretty certain that we don’t have many clients that date back to our beginnings, but we have many family and business customers that we have been looking after for many generations, and you can be confident that we plan to continue to do the same for generations to come.

In 2018 our firm received investment from Cow Corner - a local investment business with a long-term commitment to serving the Sussex business community.

Meet the team

Everybody in our firm works with clients, so we make sure you can find everybody in our firm on our website

Aggie Gogarty
Alastair Hallows
Alex Burt
Alison Foad
Allie Hussey
Andrew Park
Angie Acres
Barbara Houghton
Ben Smith
Beth Stenning
Chris Thompson
Christine Perkins
Colin Young
Dale Edmonds
David Bishop
David Griffiths
David Warburton
David Conlan
Dawn Moore
Emily Cope
Emma Knight
Emma Chandler
Gemma Gaines
Gemma Corr
Georgia Evans
Geraldine Pratt
Hannah Garner
Helen Perry
Iain Campbell
Jason Vu
Jenna Foster
Jennifer Harrington
Jennifer Harmer
Jess Ridler-Baer
Kate McGowan
Katherine Byrne
Keith Bonner
Leanne Totty
Lorna Sizer
Louis Kirkham
Louisa Perrie
Louise Woodward
Lucy Payne
Mark Bishop
Mark Hancock
Matt Needham
Matthew Hunt
Nicolas Ithier
Oliver Zimmer
Patrick Hoare
Rebecca Tupper
Richard Piller
Roger Moore
Royston Yeates
Sally Campbell
Sharon Jackson
Shirley Smith
Sophie Tutton
Sue Smith
Tom Bowen
Tom Atkinson